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About Ativan

Ativan is a drug belonging to the benzodiazepine family. It is a trading name for Lorazepam. It is commonly used to treat many disorders, such as anxiety, seizures, sleeping troubles, severe agitations, muscle spasms, insomnia, restlessness, alcohol withdrawal, and post-chemotherapy nausea and vomiting.

The drug was released in 1963 and entered the market in 1977. Since then, it has been highly prescribed medicine by Doctors. The advantage of Ativan over other benzodiazepines is that it does not stay in the blood for longer; thus, the chances of causing side effects are less. It also has significantly less interaction with other drugs as compared to benzodiazepines.

Why is Ativan Prescribed?

Doctors prescribe Ativan for the following reasons:

Anxiety – Ativan is a commonly used drug for anxiety and has a good effect on anxiety and related symptoms. Some doctors also prescribe Ativan for patients dealing with depression.

Sedation – Ativan is commonly used before giving anesthesia to patients undergoing surgeries; it is used for sedation in such patients and to prevent memory creation.

Seizures -Intravenous injection of Ativan can be more effective than phenytoin to treat epilepticus and also reduces the chances of further chances of seizures.

Agitation- Ativan very quickly and effectively reduces agitation and induces sleep in patients suffering from the problems. Therefore, it is a better choice for the short-term treatment of such agitation and sleep-related problems. Sometimes even a single dose of Ativan can be enough to treat insomnia, night terrors, and severe anxiety at night in patients.

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome- Anticonvulsants and central nervous system depressing properties of Ativan is very useful in preventing the symptoms related to alcohol withdrawal. Ativan can also be a better choice for alcohol withdrawal because it doesn’t require significant metabolism from the liver. This is a factor to consider because liver functions are often despised in the case of alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

How Should I Use Ativan?

It’s best to contact your Physician and take advice from them before consuming the medicine. They can advise you according to your age and severity of pain. If, by chance, you take two six mg tablets of Ativan at a time, it won’t cause any severe problems. But if you keep making the same mistake abruptly, it may lead to various side effects.

Two to six milligrams per day is the general dose given to the patients. The dose depends on the condition of the patient and the disorder that the patient is suffering from. Further, the dose may also vary according to the age and weight of the person and the medical conditions of the patients. For patients suffering from anxiety and agitations, the highest dose is given for night consumption.

What Side Effects Can Ativan Cause?

Some of the common side effects of using Ativan are as follows:

  • Weaknesses
  • Sleepiness
  • Low blood pressure
  • Headaches
  • Amnesia
  • Change in appetite
  • Sleep apnea
  • The disturbance is in sleep
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Low blood pressure
  • Loss of orientation

Severe side effects include 

  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Extrapyramidal symptoms.

How to Store Ativan?

Ativan benefits patients in getting relief from anxiety, depression, as well as alcohol withdrawal symptoms. The drug may catch dust or moisture if you keep it open. So, you should store the medicine in a cool and dry place. Do not let your medicine capture moisture. Also, remember to keep it away from your children.

Dependence/ Tolerance

Severe medical can occur if an overdose of Ativan or misuse or addiction to the drug. The medical conditions can be as severe as coma or death. In addition, you can get dependent on the drug if you consume more than a doctor prescribes. In some cases, it is also reported that you may get tolerance to the drug even if you consume the amount prescribed by the doctor, but that is a rare case.

Mechanism of Action of Ativan

Gamma amino butyric acid is the inhibitory neurotransmitter present in the body. It is believed that anxiety is caused due to excessive signaling or neural signals in the central nervous system. As Gamma amino butyric acid is an inhibitory neurotransmitter, it inhibits the transmission of chemical signals between the neurons. This chemical signal decreases the action of the central nervous system and affects anxiety and depression. Ativan enhances the working of Gamma-aminobutyric acid, decreasing the fast chemical signals passing between the neurons. This is how the drug works to subside the effects of anxiety and depression.


  • Taking Ativan and opioids( that decrease pain in the body) may lead to severe depressant or sedative effects because both act to depress the central nervous system.
  •  Alcohol worsens the side effects caused by an overdose of Avitan as both acts as depressants for the central nervous system.
  •  If you suddenly stop taking medicine without a doctor’s advice, it leads to withdrawal effects. It may range from insomnia, anxiety, seizures, psychosis, etc. However, the withdrawal symptoms of Ativan are less than other medicines because the half-life of elimination of Ativan is more.
  • If you see any side effects after consuming medicine, you should visit the doctor and get it cured early to prevent more damage to your body.
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